Spatial Dynamics, Fall 2014, Instructor: Carol Lasch

Volume Project: Skin and Structure (2014)

A backpack design exploring modularity and asymmetry.


Timeline: 2 Weeks

Explore the properties of volume by creating an object with a structural framework and a skin


I was interested in investigating the relationship between structure and skin, and how these elements could interact with one another to emphasize form. I decided to create a hexagonal-shaped backpack with modular components that replicated the overall shape of the bag. These modules were created by wrapping 32 gauge gold wire around 18 gauge annealed steel. Each module was hand-sewn onto its own leather fabric section. I chose gold wire and red fabric as my materials in order to view the structure of the backpack as separate from the skin, but also as I found these two colors to be visually cohesive. To break from the rigid geometry of the bag, I added an asymmetrical zipper to the top of the bag.

Photographs by: Carol Lasch, Model: Indy Dang

Photographs by: Carol Lasch, Model: Indy Dang