Furniture: Insightful Design for Production, Fall 2016, Instructor: Ayako Takase


A side table concept using simple connections to generate a clean, sophisticated look.


Timeline: 1.5 Weeks

Design and build a side table mock-up with a circular top (diameter 12"-16")

-Designs must aim to be functional (not an unusable art piece)

-Your design must have a central focus in one of the following areas: form, style, economy/manufacturability/sustainability, functionality/usability, user/environment, material combination, connection

-The ideal version of your table must be made out of at least two materials


I made a series of quick sketches and chose the one pictured below. My primary focus was on function. I wanted to create a tabletop that would be able to spin. This would be useful for users who have many objects placed on the table, or for users who would like easy access to their objects without having to change their body position when they are lounging or seated. The secondary focus of the table was form, in that the table would be supported by one leg and have simple connections between the leg, tabletop, and the base of the table. Ideally, this table would be made out of wood and steel.

In order to support the table, I machined the base pictured below. First I machined and filed two pieces that would fit together using a slot. These pieces were then captured by the pipe, which was machined to fit the 1/8" width of the base pieces. As these are tension-fit into the base, the table can be easily assembled and disassembled.

I attached the tabletop to the base using a flange.