Furniture: Insightful Design for Production, Fall 2016, Instructor: Ayako Takase


A side table designed for children that offers a playful way to be customized.


Timeline: 1.5 Weeks

Design and build a side table mock-up with a circular top (diameter 12"-16")

-Designs must aim to be functional (not an unusable art piece)

-Your design must have a central focus in one of the following areas: form, style, economy/manufacturability/sustainability, functionality/usability, user/environment, material combination, connection

-The ideal version of your table must be made out of at least two materials


I made a series of quick sketches and chose the one pictured below. My primary focus was on the user/environment. I wanted to create a playful table for a family. The ideal environment for my table would be a living room or a child's bedroom. My secondary focus was functionality – I wanted a table that would be able to store objects underneath its lid.

The two materials I envisioned my table to be made in would be glass and wood.

I created a 1/4 scale and full-scale model before building my final model in order to determine the final proportions.

Socks Side Table (2016)
Socks Side Table (2016)

I decided to name the table "Socks" after its playful leg coverings. If manufactured, I would want various sock options to be available to match different homes and preferences. The top would ideally be made of two semicircle laminations. An inset lip on the top would allow the lid to rest flush to the top of the table.

Cutouts in the top of the table top allow for easy removal of the lid.

In order to secure the legs to the base of the table, I created cuts in the legs and hammered wedges into them.