The Two-Legged Print, Wintersession 2018, Instructor: Randy Willier

Screenprinted Shirt Collection (2018)

A series of shirts developed during a 5-week intensive


Timeline: 5 weeks

Design and create shirts using the screenprinting process.


Initially, I was interested in creating a pair of sneakers. After visiting the RISD Special Collections, I was inspired by a variety of shoes, namely a pair by Hender Scheme. Upon conducting further research, I was interested in Hender Scheme's ability to combine the manual industry with the industrial industry, showcasing the materiality of their shoes. I decided to design a pair of leather shoes highlighting these aspects. I decided that I would experiment with using Velcro as my closure, eventually settling on an asymmetrical design.

After creating my standard, I was able to create the pattern pieces necessary for my sneakers.

After skiving the necessary pieces, I proceeded with sewing the upper together.

After sewing together the pattern, I added foam inserts to the collar to give a more comfortable look and feel to the ankle area of the sneakers. From here, I was then able to sew the lining to the upper.


To secure the upper to the outsole, I punched holes in the upper post-lasting. By lasting the upper prior to attaching it to the sole, it would be able to retain its shape. I used a stitchdown to properly secure the outsole to the upper. Furthermore, should the soles wear out, they are easily replaceable, much like those of Hender Scheme pairs.