shaka: building blocks for preschoolers (2016)

Toy, building blocks, montessori, play patterns

A reinvention of building blocks to include sensory feedback in addition to basic play patterns.

watering can design (2016)

BRAND ANALYSIS, prototyping

A watering can designed for Alessi.

minimal chess set design (2016)

machining, solidworks, manufacturing

A chess set designed based on the prominent features of each individual piece.

resistance kickboard (2016)

training equipment, user testing

A kickboard reinvented to better suit the needs of a professional swimmer.

Multi-functional wallet (2016)

fashion, utility, reinventing

A minimal wallet design exploring quick accessibility and utility.

An exploration in applying keywords to the design of salt and pepper shakers.

An exploration in the form of bottle stoppers.

wooden egg tool (2015)

reinventing, exploration, woodwork, utility

A tool invented to break an egg, remove its shells, and beat it.

A concept for a cooking tool developed to aid in the production of shrimp tempura rolls.

Volume project: skin and structure (2014)

backpack, fashion, modularity

A backpack exploring modularity and asymmetry.

A concept for a timer using a pendulum.