Prototyping Form, Fall 2016, Instructor: Ayako Takase


A series of forms investigating the concept of playfulness.


Timeline: 2 Weeks

Design and create models of 3 forms based on the keyword assigned.

Design Requirements:

- forms should communicate the adjectives you are assigned

- each of the 3 forms should express the same formal language, but in distinctly different proportions/sizes. They must read as a family of objects. Use the following dimensions as approximate guidelines for each form, you may deviate from these dimensions slightly in pursuit of a well-proportioned form

- form 1: w 2”-3” / d 1.5”-3” / h 8”-10” (tall & skinny)

- form 2: w 2”-4” / d 2”-4” / h 5”-8” (in between)

- form 3: w 3”-5” / d 2”-5” / h 2” - 4” (short & chubby)

Model Requirements:

- primary model making material is extruded polystyrene foam. Additional material may be used in the sketch models to resolve the form (paper, plasticine, wire etc.)

- all models will be handmade

- models are to be sanded, filled and painted in one neutral color


I was assigned the words "playful" and "bulbous." I began by sketching out ideas for the form families.

I decided to explore the quick sketch below for my family.  I wanted to create forms that would suggest a sense of animation, which would in turn lend to the idea of playfulness. I also wanted to explore gradually elongating the forms to create three distinct objects that would read well together.

After playing with the form and modifying my sketch to fit within the design constraints, I created the following models out of blue foam, which were sanded, coated with joint compound, and sanded again. I then painted the forms using a neutral gray primer.