Wood I, Fall 2015, Instructor: George Gordon

Carving Project: Gazelle Face Mask (2015)

A basswood carving of a gazelle head created from a single block of wood.


Timeline: 2 Weeks

Carve a face mask out of a single block of basswood, approximately 3" x 6" x 12". Pick a theme with your assigned partner regarding what you will carve.


My partner and I decided that we would carve African animals. Below is the original block of wood.

After planing one side of the basswood block, I decided I would make a gazelle, as there are various features of a gazelle which extend through various planes.

I then used my model to sketch out the front face of my mask.

I cut an inch from my block and planed that section. I repositioned the wood and glued them flush to each other in order to create forms that extended beyond my initial block's shape. I used a planing iron, block plane, rasp, file, various gouges, and eventually sandpaper to shape my mask. This piece was made entirely by hand.

Model: Kirthank Manivannan

Model: Kirthank Manivannan