Basic CAD, Spring 2016, Instructor: Diau Hall

CAD Computer Mouse (2016)

A computer mouse designed utilizing strategies working between SolidWorks and Rhino.


Timeline: 3 Weeks

Using Rhinoceros and SolidWorks, design a computer mouse intended to be used for CAD.


To start, I first generated a series of concept sketches for the general form of the mouse.

I then created a quick mouse model in SolidWorks based on measurements from an existing mouse. This allowed me to import the model into Rhinoceros to create a mouse with accurate proportions.

I decided to create a wireless mouse that was powered by a single AA battery. The image below shows how the various components of the mouse fit into or locate on the outer housing (circuit board, optical sensor, etc.).

After finishing my Rhino model, I generated various renderings in Keyshot of what I imagined the final model to look like. I decided that my mouse would have forward-facing LED lights, a tilt-click scroll wheel, a thumb button for easy panning (which is useful when using CAD software), and a single shell on the top of the mouse for easy access to the battery, as well as decreased material costs (the left and right mouse buttons are one part as opposed to two).